Thursday, September 14, 2006

Managing Project Teams

Great leadership for great teams.
Great team must have doing the right thing.

Project management needs high performance leader, effective goal, and great team. Team is a small group of people include leader and team, good relationship, work together, same goal, same direction. Everyone in team need to understand direction.
What kind of people to be a good team? “Choosing and developing your team is the most important competency of a leader. This is time-consuming up to one-third of your time.” (From This means leadership is very important and usually come with great team. Team need; knowledge, skill, accountability (work with their heart, work over the job description), talent, passion, and doing the right thing. Project management needs
- Leadership; work in execution, turn ideas into reality, build a great team that is skilled and loves to work.
- Excellent team; they know what and why need to be done, do by themselves
- Put the right people in the right job
- Meeting or brainstorming
- Need positive synergy
- Sharing idea (open mind); “the door swing both way” it possible that you are wrong and other have better idea.
- Problem-solving, make a decision and move the team forward.
- Good environment and culture, measures performance directly; reward, recognize and ignored.
- Training
- Trust
- Work with their heart.
“Now great team must have doing the right thing, character has been described as ethical behavior, intellectual integrity, openness and honesty. No matter what the issue or the personal gain or loss, they always-not occasional-did the right thing. Not only the right thing from a business or economic aspect, but the right thing including social and philosophical dimension.”


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