Monday, August 28, 2006

Session 10: Reducing Project Duration
Reducing Project Duration, When you want to reduce a project’s duration? You must think about project objectives and project priority matrix, which factors between time, performance, or cost are constrain, enhance, or accept. Because you can not achieve all of time, cost, and quality, when you reduce time, direct cost will increase, and in another way when you reduce cost, time will go up. So you have to find optimum cost-time, and think about another constrain; quality and limited resource (4M).
How to reduce the project duration?
First; find the critical path by write early start time and late start time.
Second; select an activity that has the lowest crashing cost on critical path for reduce time.
Third; check the critical path every time after you reduce time by recalculates ES and LS, because critical path will change and can have more one of critical path.
Forth; continue to reduce time in lowest crashing cost and until you find the optimum cost-time. and
Fifth; draw a graph of cost-duration between costs and duration, consist of 3 linear;
- indirect cost, vary by time its mean time increase indirect cost will increase,
- direct costs, inverse vary by time, its mean time decrease direct cost will increase, and
- total costs (sum of indirect and direct cost). You will find the optimum of cost–duration from this graph. Project manager must to think about another constrain when you use time-cost tradeoff analysis. Because when reduce project time, critical path increase, decrease flexibility of project, increase risk, and some time decrease quality. Brainstorming all of stakeholder, think about project objective and not just only think about technique, you must think about socio-culture too; customer expectations, teamwork, negotiation, politics, problem solving and leadership .


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