Friday, August 18, 2006

Chapter 8: Scheduling Resources

We learned how to select the resources of the project network and how to optimize the resource, because of resource constraints. Resources are 4M’s: Man, Materials, Machines, and Money. The resources of project are very important, project manager try to balance or allocate the resource in each activities, if you don’t have a good scheduling resource, may be your project is not success, because some resource are not available when you need, no machine, waste time for wait machines, plenty or lack of labor. So Project manager need to do the scheduling resources, select the major one or two of resources. We have to know what are the project constraint, see project priority matrix.
Project usually face to time- constrain or resource-constrain. We have to look at the whole of schedule, and try to balance resource for reduce the problem. How to allocate or balance resources? Time-constrain projects, we use smoothing resource demand by reduce the peak demand first, and fill the resource in the valleys, arrange the resources smooth, and minimize fluctuations. For resource-constrained, not available and insufficiency of machines, we need the use of rule of the thumb (heuristics); first priority is minimum slack, second is selected smallest duration, and last is select the lowest activity identification number.
The best way to understand the project network and scheduling resource is do it by yourself, learning by doing, use the Microsoft project, follow the basic roles first, do it and do it, try to find the better and better way to allocate the resource, minimize the resource and maximize the resource utilization.


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