Friday, August 04, 2006

Chapter 6: Developing a project plan
The project network

Engineering project management teaches me step by step about how to plan and develop a project. Start from what is a project, what do you want to do (try to reach customer need or satisfy and optimize resource), who response, when do you do, how long, and how much. You should have to answer these questions, and do a plan: mission, goal, selected a project, selected strategies, selected implement, and forecast time and cost, after finish a plan, you will develop the project by draw the project network.
Chapter 6, we learned developing a project plan, related to the project network. The project network come from work package (WBS), show detail: activities, sequence and relation of each activities (this one finish, another one will start), activity time (from start to finish: Early Start or Late Start), tell the shortest time that a project can completed: Critical path (you can not delay in critical path, it will make a project delay), and float path (you can delay in float path, but not more than total float time). The project network usually shows in Bar chart/Gantt chart, or network diagrams; 2 kinds, Activity on Arrow (AOA) and Activity on Node (AON), easy way to understand all of project process, easy to follow a plan, show the critical path, forecast a project time, activity time, show cash flow, decrease the problem, and help project manager make decision in the right way.
Example: page 183 q. 9


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